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Welcome to the archives, where you can find our old banshee entries.

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08/16/02 Weekly Question
Mystery of the PowerBar phenomenon
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08/12/02 Sick sucks
Why it sucks to be sick
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08/08/02 Beach Comedy
The funniest things heard in PB
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08/01/02 U-Hell
The quick guide to why U-Haul is the suckiest moving/rental company ever...
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07/23/02 American Ego
Egos and attitudes go head to head on American Idol
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07/23/02 Simon Cowell the Scapegoat
A classic example of shooting the messenger...
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07/23/02 The Luckiest Shirts
Tribute to the luckiest shirts
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07/17/02 Beach Bar Cliches
The typical bar conversation: what works, what doesn't
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07/09/02 10 Things I Hate About School
Top ten reasons that summer school sucks
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07/09/02 Attack of the Feet
A rant dedicated to my least favorite body part
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07/01/02 Star Wars : Episode II
Why this horrible movie is less horrible the second time around
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06/30/02 True Life: I live in a boba town
A dramatic revelation
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06/25/02 Banshee Survival Guide
All the essentials a Banshee would need if ever stranded on a deserted island.

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