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10 Things I Hate About Summer School
10. It's summer. No one wants to be there, including the professor
9. The professors. The good professors have found ways out of teaching summer session. Instead, you're left with professors seeking tenure, professors who are sadists, and professors who need the extra English-speaking practice!
8. Time. Lecture is twice as long, twice as often, and there's a test every other week or sooner.
7. Weather. Weather is never on your side. It's sunny only during the hours you have class and overcast at all other times.
6. Occurence. Summer school is usually a daily ritual, meaning you see the same people every day for a week. Great if you like the people, not so great if you don't. Even if you DO like the people, seeing them every day means that you cycle through your clothes faster and never have the luxury of wearing the same jeans two days in a row.
5. Grades. The people who attend summer school sit at opposite ends of the spectrum. Either to get ahead or prevent themselves from getting behind. The people who want to get ahead are the Type A "bury their heads in their books never noticing that it's a different season (more specifically the "fun season")" Ph.D-goaled students who always do well and always get the high marks. Then there are people like me who struggle and usually fall somewhere in the middle during the regular year. However, since the true slackers who usually bring down the curve don't spend their summer sitting in class, I become one of those "bring down the mean" scorers whom the whole class is thankful for because it makes their grade even higher...
4. Rude people. I'm not sure if there are more rude people, or if it's just harder to hide the rudeness in summer school classes. These people think that since there are less people in the class, their feet can sit at the empty desks next to people like me.
3. Cute people. There are none! The truly hot people are at the beach getting even hotter and being worshipped by other beachgoers for being so hot.
2. Strange smells. Heat + less clothes containment + recirculated air = blechh.
1. Feet. Because people are shedding their shirts and pants in favor of tanks and shorts (or short pants), they feel their feet must follow suit. This causes an overabundance of feet. (see Feet rant).

written by christina

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