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[ rants - being sick ]

So no one likes being sick (unless you are one of those really annoying people who is always like "look at me, look at me, feel sorry for me", and if you are, you have no business being at this site because we don't like your kind!). Being sick in the summer especially sucks, although it allows time for writing rants about why being sick sucks. Here's a quick run-down on why.
  1. Timing. You always get sick at the worst time, like during finals week, or the week after finals when you're supposed to be relaxing.
  2. Rag. Your period can sense when you're sick and chooses to arrive when you are, doubling your discomfort.
  3. TV. Once you're feeling well enough to watch tv without feeling like the image is spinning round and round, there's nothing on... unless you're into Jenny Jones' "My son is really the illegitimate child of the mailman who is an alien pod person brought about by Elvis' resurrection" show.
  4. Fifty-seven. The number of times the word "prayer" or a word derived from "prayer" is uttered on an episode of "Seventh Heaven." Something I should not know! (see #3)
  5. Looks. No one is attractive when they're coughing, wheezing, blowing their nose, sniffling, sneezing, etc.
  6. Fallacy. A spoonful of sugar DOES NOT help the medicine go down.
  7. Wrong. It's just not right to be wearing flannel jammies and hacking in the summer when everyone else is running around in their bathing suits, having fun and getting a tan.

written by christina

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