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Couch Potato Monkeys
Banshee Online is powered by a group of do-nothings called the Couch Potato Monkeys. CPM is the creative forces of a few people...
Einstein - mascot of Couch Potato Monkeys - sits at the bottom of each page looking so darned cute!

Artist's note - The monkey's name is Einstein because he has become so smart sitting on the couch watching tv.
Andy - wearer of shiny, err, shimmery shirts - allows us to make fun of him and contributed the awesome "Hot Tamales" and "Red Hots" idea for the bulletin board.

Artist's note - This is a rare picture of Andy. Usually the reflection off his frosty shirt will interfere with photography. Here he is in his snorkelling wear in order to prepare for his scuba diving expeditions.
Christina - webmistress/web-nazi and "geek" of the project - collaborated with Karen to produce designs, graphics and content.

Artist's note - My hair's not really blue. I just wish it was, and since I'm the artist, what I want goes! Muhahaha. The highlights reflect the fact that right now I'm sporting some brassy streaks.
Grace - innocent bystander unwillingly dragged into CPM by being Christina's sister - judged tens of thousands "Does this look okay?" and "Which one do you like better?" Also provided lots and lots of tech support and answers to stupid problems.

Artist's note - I could have just stuck up the picture of Karen and called it Grace, but I think the 3 visitors would have noticed...
Karen - co-creator of Banshee Online - collaborated with Christina to produce designs, graphics and content.

Artist's note - So Karen's hair is actually really black, but black hair doesn't come out too well. See Andy's picture above. I kid! I kid!

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