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This week's question of the week:
How can something that contains so many yummy ingredients taste so horrible?

Has anyone been to Costco recently? I love the way they give out little one ounce samples of their food so that you'll go buy a 10-pound box of that product. No I seriously do because you never leave Costco hungry, if not for the samples, for the $1.50 polish dog/soda deal, but I digress...
Anyway, Costco has recently added a PowerBar table to their store. I hesitate at calling it "PowerBar" because 1.) I'm probably violating some copyright infringement and 2.) because I'm using the term "PowerBar" loosely to include any kind of nutritive bar that boasts 12 vitamins, 35 minerals, enhanced sports performance and 1600% DV protein in one convenient 1-pound brick.

So Costco has PowerBar-hawkers who will make personalized bars for you. You just pick 3 ingredients from Column A, 4 ingredients from Column B and 2 ingredients from Column C and they mash it all together until it's slim enough to fit in your pocket, but so heavy that if you want your pants to stay on your waist, you would never put it in there. My point is, I think... that you know a product has hit it big when Costco is selling it in 144-count packs.
The PowerBar Family - these things remind me of those WeightWatchers and SlimFast Bars. Does anyone seriously get full off of food the size of a matchbox?
But why? Has anyone actually HAD a LunaBar or Balance Bar or CLIF Bar or any of those other protein packages? It tastes like a sawdust/cardboard combination, or maybe what cardboard would taste like when it's been turned into sawdust. But if you look at the ingredients, it's good stuff, like honey and cranberries or apple and cinnamon or chocolate and peanut butter. How can they take something that innately tastes good, put it with other good-tasting stuff and make it taste bad all together? I'm thinking it must be the 1600% DV protein, cuz we all know how the "protein boost" from Jamba Juice can ruin a smoothie...

written by christina

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