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So when I moved into my new apartment (which happened to be 50 feet from my old apartment, but two weeks later...) My roommate and I needed a big truck to move desks, boxes, a bed and a basket of her vinegar-y shoes. Called around multiple locations and determined that U-Haul would be the most college-friendly (translation: easy on the wallet). Long story short, we ended up NOT renting from U-Haul and just cramming everything into an SUV (much in the manner that I cram my thighs into jeans).

After repeatedly asking U-Haul whether I would be charged on my credit card and being told "no", I opened this month's Mastercard (cheers to Mastercard, who after I missed one payment, decided to double my credit limit, but I digress...) to find a $50 charge from U-Suck (give me a break, I just finished finals and am missing the brain cells necessary to come up with some creative pseudonym).

Looking back on the whole ordeal, there were many signs (that I readily ignored) that I was dealing with a shady company, so I can only say that I brought this upon myself. Here are the warning signs, so you will not also fall prey to their scam and find yourself home alone on a Friday night curled up in the fetal position, lamenting about U-Haul, and rocking yourself to sleep. Whoops, I've said to much. Anyways...

10 Signs I Should Have Known U-Haul Sucks

  1. Their name is "U" Haul, implying that "YOU" do all the work while they sit on their fat asses and ignore the phone.
  2. They assigned us a U-Haul pickup/drop-off location 15 miles from our apartment while charging $0.59/mile.
  3. The CSR was a bitch to my roommate Jamie, and you can NOT be a bitch to Jamie...
  4. They list the addresses of places that don't even supply U-Haul trucks as designated U-Haul locations.
  5. The storage guy at the false U-Haul location called U-Haul "incompetent pigs".
  6. They "re-route" your reservations elsewhere without telling you (this is after you have driven 15 miles out of the way to the original location).
  7. It takes them 45 minutes to download client information from other U-Haul centers.
  8. They call other U-Haul centers to request a client information download when they could just ask for the information over the phone instead of asking for them to send it.
  9. They put you on hold for 9 hours, all the while telling you that your call is important to them and playing really bad Muzac.
  10. Every call to U-Haul while waiting an hour in the stuffy U-Haul office was a complaint call.

Lesson to be learned - U-HAUL sucks. Use Ryder, Budget, your friend's truck, or strap the furniture on your back and drag it across 3 counties if you have to, but never, ever rent U-Haul!

written by christina

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