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So a good deal of my summer was spent in Pacific Beach, a laid-back city known for its quirky shops, sandy shores, and wild nightlife. Things you might hear while passing by...

  • "Next time, send your girlfriend over" - a male sunbather to a drunken guy who tripped over him while playing Frisbee with his girlfriend.
  • "Yeah it's really only two inches... two inches from the ground" - a big, black bouncer.
  • "Here's a pass for you and a guest to get in free. Bring yourself and use the guest pass for your butt"
    "See I can understand why a man wouldn't like women with kids... cuz a baby's head is big"
    "Living alone is good. You can walk around naked, do everything naked. There are two things you should never try while naked though. Cooking and cleaning. Cuz all the back and forth movement when you're vacuuming..." - big,black doorman.
  • "This is the first time I've worn underwear in a long time" - girl trying on clothes in a dressing room.
  • "So I'd like to get to know you better"
    "I have a boyfriend"
    "Okay well it was nice meeting you (shakes hands)" - bar hopeful to my roommate.

written by christina

Writer's note : the icon that serves as the link to this page really has nothing to do with this rant. I just needed a picture and thought this was pretty funny, although if the shot-taker actually realized where this picture came from, she would be very very mad. ha ha ha

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