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This is how it's the OC! How what's done?

I'm officially in a funk. "The O.C." is on hiatus until October 30 (Something about Major League Baseball). Yes, you didn't read wrong, a month without the "scandalous" exploits of Orange County high society. That's something you never thought you'd read in the same sentence huh? I'm a sucker for bad TV that's actually kind of good. Now, some people might think this is bad taste but, I started watching "Beverly Hills 90210" in the fifth grade. (I still grew up to be a good person!) Believe me, I wasn't the only one that exclusively followed the lives of Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, Kelly and sometimes Steve, Andrea, David, and Donna. This was my water cooler show of elementary school, or rather water fountain show. "David" by the way has changed his real name from Brian Austin Green to Brian A. Green. This is forgiven because he's a total hottie now. Remember, he had an awkward stage too. He had to kiss Tori Spelling on camera and play keyboards, 'nuff said. Catch "This Time Around" on the ABC Family Channel and you'll see what I mean. Major hotness.

There really isn't that much difference between "90210" and the "O.C." Both play on the idea that Southern California is some dream land (it's not) filled with gorgeous people (this is true in certain areas). The difference between something like "90210" and the "O.C." is that I'm older and wiser in the views of good television (Okay maybe not that much). With "90210" I thought high school in Beverly Hills was really like that. I wanted to have hangout like the Peach Pit when I got to high school. Oh, how I wished to have a Dylan. With "The O.C." I know it's fake and formulated, which makes it even more entertaining. It's so unintentionally funny. It's intentionally funny too, all because of one adorable actor named Adam Brody (more on him later). This is a show that will probably never win any Emmys but will undoubtedly spawn failed film careers and an "E! True Hollywood Story."

"The O.C." starts with the fish out of water scenario. (However, this is not the backbone of the show - Adam Brody is!). Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) is the "outsider." This is exactly how the show's official website labels him. After getting into some trouble in ("eww") Chino, Ryan is saved by guardian angel and public defender ("eww") Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher). So, he moves in with the Cohens and into the O.C. life. The website also goes on to explain what Ryan will confront. Exact words from the site, "Throughout the series, Ryan's outsider status will continue to set him apart from the O.C. elite, but his continued presence in their community ultimately shines like a bright light on the fact that everyone, no matter how rich or powerful, feels like an outsider at heart." Wow, powerful stuff huh? (Haha).

"Does squinting and squating make me look even more like the mysterious outsider?"

Sandy is a little to eager to please Ryan. It's actually borderline creepy in the way he always pops up and tries to act like a "cool" guy. "Let me help you with that tie Ryan!" Banshee Christina points out, "Didn't he do it from behind? That's totally homoerotic." Maybe it's those famous Gallagher eyebrows. Whatever it is, his role in the show is to be the moral adult in the otherwise "corrupt" town of Newport Beach. (Snicker).

Is he wearing a baseball tee to look hip and less creepy?

Ryan's new adopted family also includes Sandy's wife Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) and their son Seth. Kirsten is actually the one with the Newport money is always torn between her WASPy traditional upbringing and her real desire to be like her unconventional bushy eyebrow husband. Plus, she has this punk kid from Chino to deal with now. (Yawn.)

Kirsten is actually the most attractive female on the show.

The Cohen's live next door to a family that that I'm too lazy to write about now. The most important thing to know is that they have daughter named Marissa (Mischa Barton) who is immediately attracted to Ryan in all his white undershirt wearing glory. The problem is, she's part of the "popular crowd" and already has a boyfriend. Oh no! What's an emaciated girl to do? I have major problems with her being the "main girl" in the show. You may remember Mischa from a bit role she had on "Once and Again." She played Jesse's lesbian friend. Or perhaps you know her from those annoying Neutrogena commercials. What's with Neutrogena and employing annoying "It" girls? First, it was Jennifer Love Hewitt and then Mandy Moore and now Barton. "Clean from head to toe!" Gawd.

"Don't I look great? You can see my ribs and bones in this hideous dress!"

In the lastest episode Marissa overdosed on some pills and alcohol in Tijiuana of all places. She saw her Abercrombie boyfriend making out with a girl. We all know you're not supposed to drink the water in Mexico let alone get totally sick and pass out in an alley. Then again, this is a television show. TJ didn't even look like TJ. I know this because I went to TJ three years ago on a horrid family trip to Mexico (I haven't been back since). My sister remarked, "What? That's not TJ. Looks like Universal Studios backlot to me." I explained, "Yeah, totally isn't TJ. Where's Club El Squid?" (We stayed in a hotel next to the this club that played Ricky Martin ALL night.) Anyway, Ryan found her and carried her limp skeletal body away from the dirty alley and to Orange County safety. This is the cliffhanger. What kind of a cliffhanger is that? She's a main character, of course she's going to survive and I don't care about her!

So I've saved the best for last, because he makes the show even better than it is. He is Adam Brody who plays Seth Cohen. It's really hard to list his greatest lines because part of the reason they're so funny is the way he delivers them. Just know that he's totally adorable and witty. He's suppose to be the "sidekick" to Ryan's seriousness, but I wouldn't be surprised if the producers decide to give him equal story lines and time in upcoming episodes. Brody has been in countless television shows being the funny sidekick. He was on MTV's "Undressed" one season and another MTV show called "Now What." (Sidebar, In England they renamed the show "Sausage Factory" and I don't know why.) Another great thing about Seth is his style. He wears the cutest clothes! In the episode with the Cotillion, he showed up to dance rehearsal wearing a button down shirt, sweater and fitted blazer. My infinitely hip sister thinks that his clothes are probably from this clothing line called Ben Sherman. We checked out the site and it really does have cute Seth-esque clothes.

What a cutie! When he squints, it's adorable.

He's a major reason why I watch this show. Who cares about Ryan and Marissa? I want Seth! He even makes the otherwise cloying Summer (his unrequited extremely tan love interest) bearable. He needs to be on a show where he plays guitar and tries to impress the mother of his adorable Asian girlfriend. Oh wait, he did that on "Gilmore Girls." (Sigh).

I Heart Adam Brody

written by karen

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