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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I've been neglecting my duties as a Banshee lately. Here is a rant on everything that has happened since school started.

The Good

Steam Vacuums. After subletting my apartment this summer to sloppy albeit hot Abercrombie guys the carpet was beyond stained. A streak of brown ran about two feet across the living room. A comment made by my roommate after doing sit-ups on the carpet, "It smells like feet down here." So, I broke down and borrowed my Mom's steam vac. The people at Hoover, I applaud you.

IKEA. I know Christina already mentioned IKEA, but a place where you can purchase a set of three candlestick holders for 7 bucks? 'Nuff said.

Coldplay. I've been listening to "A Rush of Blood to the Head" a lot these past weeks. There's something about Brit-pop melancholy that gets to me. It doesn't hurt that the lead singer, Chris Martin looks like shaven head version of Michael Vartan. Ladies, you will seriously cry listening to songs like "The Scientist" and "Warning Sign."
You came back to haunt me and I realised / That you were an island and I passed you by / You were an island to discover.
Chris Martin is way hot. "Haunt" me any day. Strange, I went to elementary school with a kid with the same name, except he had thick glasses and cried a lot.

The Bad

Buying books. So I bought this book of short stories called "Mrs. Spring Fragrance and Other Writings" (You question the strange title? It's for an Asian American Lit class). So apparently I only have to read the "Other Writings" part, a whole 9 pages! A fifteen- dollar book for 9 pages. Now I have to photocopy the pages, go to Textbook Buyback and return the book. Which is good cause now I have money to watch "Tuck Everlasting"!

Writing papers. I know it's suppose to be my thing. Paper assignments on the second day of lecture, where's the love?

The Ugly

Check yourself. This can be taken in a plenitude of ways, from a simple glance in a full length mirror to avoid ass-crack jeans or clicking on eonline's Fashion Police to make sure you don't wear a long coat with back-slit pants. This canon can even be applied to the world of instant messaging where simple blunders can turn pleasant conversations into seemingly indecipherable language. It's like being thrown into the script of "Longshot" and having to make sense of it. Granted not everyone can be the savvy IMing wizards that are the Banshees but people, read what you write before you hit enter!

Feet gripes. This is a subject that knows no bounds. People who drag their feet when they wear flip flops? Hate 'em.
      Christina: Were you walking next to a foot-dragger?
      Karen: I'm surrounded by foot-draggers. It's a very Asian thing to do.
      Christina: It must go with the whole "wearing slippers inside the house" thing...
Chipped toenail polish? It is absolutely revolting. Maybe because it resembles the hideousness that is French manicures on toes. And who said that once you enter college everyone has to wear flip flops? I don't recall anyone in high school wearing them... Granted our high school was a barren wasteland of dust... but some people just should not be allowed. Let me reiterate my theory that Reef must have a silent partnership with the California Regents.

"Dawson's Creek." I know, I know. I simply can't call myself a Banshee but there really is nothing on Wednesday nights at 8 I swear. Okay, so the really gruesome part comes from the season premiere when Joey and Dawson finally (EWWWW) "do it." Not only did they play Sophie B. Hawkins, and not "Damn, I Wish I was Your Lover" but that "As I Lay Me Down" song. They also used this song in the coming of age drama "Now and Then." The connection of the two is creepy, no? Okay, so I missed the last part of the two-hour season premiere due to my addiction to "The Bachelor" but I did happen to flip channels and see Joey crying. This elicited one of my all time favorite quotes from my roommate. I asked, "Gawd, why is Joey crying?" My roommate deftly answered, "Her sharp teeth probably cut her lip." Bravo! Applause!

written by karen

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