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[ rants - school daze ]

So school has started again and I should be happy that it's my last year and in 10 months I will never have to cram for finals or pull all-nighters to finish papers, but then I also have no idea what I'm going to do after I graduate, a notion that always sends me into a panicky pre-anxiety attack sweat... but that's a whole other rant... Anywho every year I try to see if there's anything different about school albeit cute guys, new food stands, etc. Here's what I discovered (hey maybe I have a future in research):

One. The number of new colleges on campus. Apparently my school has a "pack 'em in" mantra where more students means more money...
Zero. Additional residence halls to house said new college.
Three. Construction sites on campus complete with impromptu fences, cranes, bulldozers, dirt, dust and plenty of ass-crack.
Seven. Feet between biggest lecture hall and above impromptu fence.
Five Hundred. Students trying to leave above lecture hall.
Five Hundred. Students trying to enter said lecture hall.
Five. Less minutes to get from class to class.
Five. Miles around campus when travelling via "Campus Loop Drive."
Six. Additional "smell areas" on campus ranging from Sickly Cinnamon to Fresh Vomit. I had just spent the past three years figuring out the most olfactory-friendly route to class and it's all shot to hell now!
Eight. Number of times my elbow nearly got taken off while fighting the hordes on my way to class. I go to a school where people are as tall as their surfboards and yes, they all own one.
Eight. The time of my earliest class. This is AM folks. What happened to my "nothing before noon" or at least 10 AM rule?
Twenty-one. Dollar increase in quarterly parking permit.
Seventeen. Near misses of getting hit by careless drivers not deterred by parking permit hike.
Eighty-seven. Mandatory fee for the recreation center.
Two. Estimated number of times I will visit said rec center, and that's being ambitious.
Thirty-four. Washington Mutual customers wanting to use the ATM machine.
Nine. People in line at the post office.
Two. Freshman waiting in line at the post office wanting to pick up their Dell packages.
One and a quarter. Estimated miles from the post office to "mail services" where they will find their Dell packages. Oh to be a freshman again...
Sixty-two. Days before the quarter is over.

written by christina

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