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[ rants - 10.21.02 ]

Week in Review
10.14.02 - 10.21.02

This week's question: How come all the really annoying Asian people end up on tv?
If anyone caught this week's "Fear Factor" (they had to down shots of worms and then pick them up with their mouths. *barf*), the winner of the $50,000 prize was this trash-talking, cocky little punk wearing tight shirts named Thai. He just would not shut his mouth, thought he was all that. True, trash-talking is a part of the show...mind games and all that? Okay but no, you just can't call a grown man you don't even know "a little bitch" on national tv. I'm sorry all you beefcakes or wannabe beefcakes out there, but muscles only look good on some of you, and Thai hon, you're not one of them!
This week's guilty pleasure: "She Fought Alone"
This made-for-tv movie has been playing a lot on Lifetime recently (it's not even my birthday and praise Time Warner Cable for offering Lifetime, Lifetime Movie, and Women's Entertainment channels). It's got ex-Kelly Kapowski; a shaven head Brian Austin Green in wifebeaters, a bitchy ex-Evie Garland, and a hot muscle car. What more can you ask for? So it's kind of dark with teen date rape, sexual harassment and high school politics involving jocks that we all wish we could forget, but it's like a train wreck, I can't look away. Never seen it? Then you're not watching enough tv and have no business here! Just kidding. Seriously kidding. But for you deprived folks, you can buy the DVD from British-based companies, because they know their movies!
Watch the movie See Tiffani-Amber Thiessen fight alone See her get a really bad haircut See her get a happy ending with a tattoo-ed hottie
This week's pet peeve: Julie Emrick on "Felicity"
I feel my blood pressure rising as I write. Julie (played by Amy Jo Johnson, ex-Pink Power Ranger, who looks like a 30 year-old playing a college freshman... Oh wait I think she was!) is one of the main characters on "Felicity" the first two seasons, though she doesn't serve much purpose except to annoy me. I don't know if it's the 30 years in the making wrinkles, the pointy,rat-reminiscent nose and facial features, the perpetually weird hair (think pigtails meet electric shock, or good gawd, tiny BUTTERFLY CLIPS flying in the brown bird's nest mess called hair), or the bad lines ("I like Todd. He came over last night and cooked chicken. It was good chicken"). Oh right, I think it was that Julie was such an emotional, needy obstacle standing in the way of Felicity and Ben's relationship! No one was as glad as I was (except maybe Karen Banshee) when episode 49 rolled around and Julie was gone forever.
You should have stayed with the Mighty Morphs so you could fight monsters instead of becoming one! Pet Peeve #2... BUTTERFLIES! There she is, the little homewrecker, between Ben and Felicity per usual. ADD> Check out Felicity's kicks
This week's eye candy alert: Philip Lipscomb
Okay so maybe his name isn't the sexiest combination around, but this bass player for the band Taproot is seriously hot!

Grace's caption for photo #2: Scary, scary, jailbait, hottie

This week's song: "Still On My Brain"
Instead of "This week's song", this should actually be entitled "Worst Track Name Ever". Track #9 on J. Tiddy's (aka Justin Timberlake's) first solo effort "Justified." The song includes such lyrics as "girl it just won't be the same, cuz you're still on my brain." Please please please tell me that he didn't write the songs himself, that he's just the pawn of recording execs and this isn't a true reflectance of his ummm talent. Music guru DJ Moggy had this to say about "Justified":
There's only one homotastic jam. The album's pretty cruddy. The album is REAL bad. So like, get ready for a few months of REAL bad songs on MTV.
ummm maybe Nick Carter will have better luck...

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