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Week in Review
10.02.02 - 10.09.02

This week's question: Sisters separated from birth or bad genetic lottery?
So there's a saying that everyone has a twin out in the world somewhere, but a quadruplet? This is just eerie, and creepy (although you know I wouldn't be complaining if the quadruplets in question happened to look like Michael Vartan).
Brittany Snow
"American Dreams"
one Olsen twin (x2)
Legends of annoyance
Zac Hanson
Long-haired drummer
This week's guilty pleasure: IKEA's 2nd birthday sale. Decorating, need I say more?
This week's pet peeve: Two of them (it's been a hard week)
  1. Nepotism. I was watching a season 9 episode of "Beverly Hills, 90210" (which could also be another guilty pleasure). The hot, young attorney Matt Durning (Daniel Cosgrove) moves into the neighborhood and is immediately smitten with Donna Martin, who after a date or two rejects him and sends him toward Kelly Taylor as sloppy seconds. Has anyone seen Donna Martin? Has anyone seen Kelly Taylor? Did I mention that lawyer Matt IS NOT blind? or deaf to Donna's annoying whining and giggling? Why does this always happen? The new hot guy immediately falls for Donna. We saw it happen with Noah (Vincent Young, in his case he actually followed Donna from Hawaiian paradise to smoggy "Hell-ay") and other guest stars. Why? Why? Why? Oh right. Tori Spelling in all her horse-faced, bad haired, weird fake-boobed glory happens to be Executive Producer (translation: big bucks) Aaron Spelling's daughter. Damn nepotism, especially when all it can do for me is get me into the soy sauce biz...

    If this turns you on, 1.) you have no business at this site and 2.) go get professional help!

  2. Bad web design. While searching for the Zac Hanson picture, I came across so many websites where I didn't know where to click to find what I was looking for and I'd inadvertently end up at a page exposing Zac's "imperfections" such as bed-wetting and drooling or pictures of shirtless Zac (*shudder* SOOO not what I was looking for). This is what happens when the technology-oriented ADD teenyboppers start making "creative" sites where pictures are hidden in categories such as "World of Fears" and "World of Tears" (and yes, that IS to the tune of the most annoying ride at Disneyland). What happened to simplicity and organization? Am I getting old? Did I just cross that line where I have to cancel my YM subscription? But I'm Young & Modern. Damnit that's the old acronym. I am getting old, but I digress.

    Lesson to be learned: I should have just asked Karen's sister to unearth her Hanson shrine and desecrated it for a picture.
This week's eye candy alert: Josh Lucas

He plays Reese Witherspoon's husband in the romantic comedy "Sweet Home Alabama" (no, that's NOT Matthew McConaughey). Beautiful blue eyes, sexy not trashy Southern drawl, likened to a young Paul Newman... What a babe.

Pet Peeve #3: Josh Lucas is so relatively new that no one has created a way obsessive website about him for me to steal pictures off of.

Pet Peeve #4: There are more pictures of Patrick Dempsey than Josh Lucas for "Sweet Home Alabama" promos.
This week's song: anything by Coldplay, per Karen's advice and we probably won't be hearing from her for a while as writing papers on real literature is more important than writing about "90210" politics. Who knew?

written by christina

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