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Sloppy Firsts Book Title: Sloppy Firsts
Author: Megan McCafferty
Release Date: August 2001
Synopsis: 16 year-old Jessica Darling must deal with the teenage turmoil of high school without the help of her best friend, Hope. Jess deals with the problems of her hard-to-relate family, "clueless crew" friends, nosy school officials, and confusing boys by documenting her life in her journal.
Favorite Quotes: ...too many to mention... but that won't stop us from trying!
  • "No, mine is a Z-level celebrity, comparable to an actress who makes her mark in Lifetime made-for-TV movies with titles like Daddy, May I Dance with Danger?"
  • "Then it hit me: I'm Paul Parlipiano's Pepe Le Pew."
  • "My mom sighed and said, 'Jessie, I asked you how your day was.' That's when I realized I had gotten too attached to the TV."
  • "None of us wanted to be just another donut. They--we--all wanted to be the one who changed his life. The one who made him forget all the other girls who came before."
Why We Love It: Because we can relate to Jess' life of "Real World" reruns, cheesy made-for-TV movies, and jokes about camel-toed girls.
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This Lullaby Book Title: This Lullaby
Author: Sarah Dessen
Release Date: May 2002
Synopsis: "Raised by a mother who's had five husbands, eighteen-year-old Remy believes in short-term, no-commitment relationships until she meets Dexter, a rock band musician." - This Lullaby publisher
Favorite Quotes:
"There's nothing wrong with a healthy appetite," Jess told her. "Guys like a few curves."
"I have curves already," Lissa replied. "What's next? Clumps?"
Why We Love It: Over the course of one summer, Remy discovers what it means to love someone. Cliche? Maybe, but it's the best kind.
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Nanny Diaries   Book Title: Nanny Diaries
Author: Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus
Release Date: February 2002
Synopsis: College student Nanny takes a child caretaker job and receives the weight of the world on her shoulders as she struggles to be surrogate mother, secretary, personal assistant, maid, chef and family peacekeeper for a wealthy family, if you can call it that.
Favorite Quotes:
"She stares at me expectantly, ready for me to bring it home. 'I love children! I love little hands and little shoes and peanut butter sandwiches and peanut butter in my hair and Elmo--I love Elmo--and sand in my purse and the "Hokey Pokey"--can't get enough of it!-- and soy milk and blankies and the endless barrage of questions no one knows the answers to, I mean why is the sky blue? And Disney! Disney is my second language!'"
Why We Love It: Because we get a glimpse into the lives of rich people and finally learn what freaking lavender water is for! Plus it's co-written by best friends with similar life experiences. Hmm sound familiar?
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Idiot Girl's Book Title: The Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club
Author: Laurie Notaro
Release Date: July 2002
Synopsis: A collection of humor columnist Laurie Notaro's stories ranging from the family vacation from hell, pretty vs. ugly friends, public restroom users and more!
Favorite Quotes: Everything is read aloud (if you can without laughing) funny!
  • " 'It's time for your high school reunion!' the letter shrieked, and then went on to inform me that 546 of the people I hated most in the world were coming together at some lah-de-dah resort for the entire weekend to talk about the good old days."
  • "It was one of the darkest days of my life when that nurse, Mrs. Shimmer, pulled out a maxi pad that measured the width and depth of a mattress and showed us how to use it."
  • " soon as my mother suspected tht my ovaries were begining to percolate, she sat me down in the only private room in the house--which was her bathroom--broke out a roll of toilet paper and a maxi pad, and taught me how to wrap & roll. Three wraps over the middle and three wraps over the side. Roll & wrap, it's the polite thing."
  • "We are a very careful people!"
  • "Not there... here! Here!"
Why We Love It: This book is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud as you read it, and even when you just think about it. Plus, Laurie Notaro is like a grown-up Banshee!
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Diary of a Mad Bride Book Title: Diary of a Mad Bride
Author: Laura Wolf
Release Date: January 2002
Synopsis: "Weddings just aren't my bag," declares Amy Sarah Thomas, a 29 year-old woman with no intention of getting married. She can't understand these perfecty thoughtful, intelligent women who have fallen victim to "Mad Bride Disease"... until her boyfriend drops to one knee while at the movie theater concession stand. Suddenly Amy is buying bridal magazines, making "To Do" lists, and visiting sweatshop dress stores in search of the perfect designer knock-off. This is a book written for "anyone who has ever been a bride, is about to become a bride, yearned to be a bride, or suffered the sheer indignity of appearing in public in the world's ugliest bridesmaid dress..."
Favorite Quotes:
"When I close my eyes all I can see is that horrible dres--the high collar, the flowing sleeves, the pinafore front, and the hooplike skirt. I look like a cross between a Little House on the Prairie extra and a cast member from the road company of Godspell."
Why We Love It: Because it's a great "What to Do" (start saving now!) and "What Not to Do" (beg your friend's niece to buy a child's tiara for you) guide to weddings.
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See Jane Date Book Title: See Jane Date
Author: Melissa Senate
Release Date: November 2001
Synopsis: Jane Gregg has committed the crime of being a single woman approaching thirty. What's a girl to do? Lie of course. Following Jane's love life is enough to make the reader glad they're sitting at home with a book rather than out on the town with Mr. Wrong #136!
Favorite Quotes:
"Did you know that one of your hips is higher than the other?" the seamstress asked me in a totally conversational tone.
The bridesmaid to my left eyed me in the mirror, then her gaze dropped to my hips. "I didn't," I said. "I never knew that. But I'm glad you told me."
Why We Love It: Because it's like glimpsing into our dark, depressing futures, and because she only has two friends, and that's perfectly fine!
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