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Karen and Christina are both entering their fourth year of college. They met their freshman year of high school in Honors English where they discovered they shared the same last name and love for tv. They are bonded by their conviction that they are long lost cousins.

"Banshee" is a nickname that they give each other because of their ability to talk and shriek really loudly.


Karen is an English major and has perfected the art of squeezing water from rocks, but DOES NOT want to TEACH after college. She worships Martha Stewart and mourns the loss of Felicity. She still looks 12 and still orders from Delias, although she is tiny enough to wear GapKids. She also loves her fat cat Sammy, aka "The Cutest Cat in the World."

Karen quote: "Oh the humanity" and "but I digress"

Christina is a Psychology and Biology major, so when she graduates she will have two useless pieces of paper and no career aspirations. Christina likes punk music, punk bands, and of course, punk boys. She loves Pottery Barn Kids and any other stores associated with her maturity and intellectual levels. She enjoys decorating and worships the advent of IKEA.

Christina quote: "I brought it upon myself.."

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